– info about Taüll::1123 mapping project

Burzon*Comenge & Playmodes has just released, a web showing detailed info about the 3d mapping project on the central apse of the Church at Sant Climent de Taüll, a 900 years old romanic church in the Catalan corner of the Pyrenees. The romanic churches of the Boi Valley were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.


I was in charge of the 3D modeling from a FARO laserscaner pointcloud. I also worked together with Eloi Maduell and Josep Giribet in the analisis and study of the topology, to better find a way to unfold the whole arquitecture to facilitate the drawings and animation process made afterwards by the illustrator Albert Burzon.

I was able to work with a 30 Million vertex pointcloud, remesh it and create a precise UV unfold by using FLOSS tools in a linux environment. For this work i used Blender + Meshlab.

You can see the full video, a making off and detailed info here: