New Kinoraw Addon for Blender VSE

full_panelI’m back with a new addon for the VSE. It’s a new version of the addon Extra Sequencer Actions mixed with JumpToCut, and some other utilities from the kinoraw project (Eco, Audio and Proxy tools)

It’s a compilation of tools but also a new approach to VSE UI. This is not a propossal to change the UI. I’m comfortable with the current configuration of the VSE (tabs on the side panel would be ideal, but not essential)

There is a development version in this git repo:

The latest stable version is in this other repo, along with a copy of some other scripts i use in the VSE:

The documentation (not still completed) is here:…ster/

Proxy Tools and Audio Tools are not completely documented because i want to change a few things (ie: to reflect gooseberry news on proxys). Random Editor and glitch panel are very experimental.