JayFunk presents zet:project

JayFunk presents zet:project from Marius Wehrli on Vimeo.

show reel for the zet:project event agency, germany

performer, finger tutting JayFunk I director Marius Wehrli I production Image-Laundry.com

shooting L.A.: La Panda Production I producer Guillermo Escalona I D.P. Ezequiel Arribas
line producer Elisa Lleras I 1st AC John Scar I gaffer Peter Schooley I best! girl Elia Urquiza
studio Civic Center Studios L.A.

post production Barcelona: Image-Laundry I 3D artists Carlos Padial, Raimon Guarro I 2D artist Ricardo Cançado I editing Marius Wehrli I music: Marc Mateu Salat

aproximate workflow:

Shooted with RedOne Epic camera.

First cut made in FCP.

Exported to blender via EDL import script.

Selected frames converted to exr with redone software

3d floating objects, lighting and backgrounds done in blender.

Some 2d (flexus things, first cubes and hand lines) done in AE.

Final composition done in blender.

I were in charge of the workflow and final composition. Also made content for the backgrounds, the 3d titles and some grading and lighting