JayFunk presents zet:project

JayFunk presents zet:project from Marius Wehrli on Vimeo.

show reel for the zet:project event agency, germany

performer, finger tutting JayFunk I director Marius Wehrli I production Image-Laundry.com

shooting L.A.: La Panda Production I producer Guillermo Escalona I D.P. Ezequiel Arribas
line producer Elisa Lleras I 1st AC John Scar I gaffer Peter Schooley I best! girl Elia Urquiza
studio Civic Center Studios L.A.

post production Barcelona: Image-Laundry I 3D artists Carlos Padial, Raimon Guarro I 2D artist Ricardo Cançado I editing Marius Wehrli I music: Marc Mateu Salat

aproximate workflow:

Shooted with RedOne Epic camera.

First cut made in FCP.

Exported to blender via EDL import script.

Selected frames converted to exr with redone software

3d floating objects, lighting and backgrounds done in blender.

Some 2d (flexus things, first cubes and hand lines) done in AE.

Final composition done in blender.

I were in charge of the workflow and final composition. Also made content for the backgrounds, the 3d titles and some grading and lighting

Sublime Boudoir Mapping

The final act of Sublime Boudoir ‘A Marvellous Adventure’ at the Old Vic Tunnels in London was a custom made 3D mapping movie, which carried our guests from 1920s Shanghai to present-day reality.

We made the content for this mapping in the record time of two weeks.









You can see some images of the event here:

Münchhausen Comic Opera

Münchhausen from FRANC ALEU on Vimeo.

On 17 November 2011 the Wienner Taschenoper premiered Münchhausen at Rabenhof Theater in Vienna. With this piece Franc Aleu premiered in stage direction, with music of Wolgang Mitterer and videos of Franc Aleu, Martina Ampuero and Carlos Padial.

El 17 de novembre de 2011 s’estrenà Münchhausen per a la Wiener Taschenoper en el Rabenhof Theater de Viena. Franc Aleu amb aquesta peça s’estrena en el camp de la direcció escénica, amb música de Wolgang Mitterer i amb videos del mateix Franc Aleu, Martina Ampuero i Carlos Padial.

Münchhausen from FRANC ALEU on Vimeo.

+info: http://www.francaleu.com/portfolio/munchhausen/

Tormenta Exponencial

Tormenta exponencial… from Carlos Padial on Vimeo.

Exponential storm filmed in barcelona last week. It was a 20 minutes clip recorded with a Lumix LX3.

I take the clip into blender VSE to cut an fuse in the same way japanese blacksmiths make ancient katana swords. You cut, fold, bake and again cut, fold, bake, and again cut…

If you cut and fold 8 times then you are composing 256 tracks together. Its a risky method if you dont find the key grading the clip.

The trick is to clip blacks in the sky in order to loose black details. It prevents blacks from become noisy. And obviously you will need to get down saturation a bit.

Of course you only need to grade one time the 20 minutes clouds and then start the exponential cut and fold. And for each fold, you need to ADD them to de track underneath.


El otro dia grabe una tormenta con gran aparato electrico (como me gusta esa expresión), pero al ver luego el video me sabia a poco…

De modo que lo pase por el Blender VSE (Video Sequence Editor) para cortar y fusionar la pieza de 20 minutos al modo en que lo hacian los fabricantes de katanas. Un metodo de montaje exponencial arriesgado si no das con los ajustes correctos.

Si pliegas el video 8 veces, estas montando 2⁸=256 pistas…

Si lo haces correctamente, aplicas los efectos solo 8 veces, una vez a cada corte y pliegue. Pero para andar tanteando, tendrias que corregir las 256 pistas!!! o volver a empezarlo.

La clave esta en pelar los negros en todas las pistas de cielo solapado, para evitar el incremento de ruido.

Obviamente, es una tecnica ideal para hacer un script…

Lumix LX3
Blender Sequence Editor + Nodes
+ Gimp

Swan Lake Mapping

Llac dels cignes from Carlos Padial on Vimeo.

Mapping over the Ciutadella Fountain of Barcelona during Mercè’ 11 Festival (September 2011). Produced by Urano, directed by Franc Aleu

This is another show where we used blender, a performance of the Swan Lake Ballet, also with projection mapping over a fountain, where at least 3 scenes were made using Blender.

Blender was also helpfull managing pointclouds (along with meshlab) and fixing model issues (specially with the Ciutadella Font model)

At 7:30 you can see the 3D part seen from a distance.

La Casa Mágica Mapping

La Casa Màgica – Mapping Barcelona Mercè’11 – Vídeo Oficial – Urano – Franc Aleu from FRANC ALEU on Vimeo.

Mapping on the facade of Barcelona City Council during Mercè’ 11 Festival (September 2011).

Produced by Urano, directed by Franc Aleu, script by Jordi Teixidó and music by Arturo C.Urbina.

I get in charge of the animation and lighting of the second scene (starting at 1:00) All 3d stuff in the video games scene was also modeled and animated with blender, also some backgrounds and even some dinamic painting to simulate the wet from the rain (10:30, but hard to appreciate in the video) You can see liero’s 3d Pix script in action in the videogames scene (the pacman, 7:20)


Camera Yo-Yo

Camera Yo-Yo from Carlos Padial on Vimeo.

Camera mapping from HDR photo.

Made with Pfstools, Gimp and Blender.

Music: Al estilo de Bach 2, by Carlos Rives
in Improvisaciones 2 – Barroco

Un detalle de los nodos para conseguir que el z-buffer tenga en cuenta la transparencia de los materiales. Puede que haya un método mas simple, lo desconozco.