La Casa Mágica Mapping

La Casa Màgica – Mapping Barcelona Mercè’11 – Vídeo Oficial – Urano – Franc Aleu from FRANC ALEU on Vimeo.

Mapping on the facade of Barcelona City Council during Mercè’ 11 Festival (September 2011).

Produced by Urano, directed by Franc Aleu, script by Jordi Teixidó and music by Arturo C.Urbina.

I get in charge of the animation and lighting of the second scene (starting at 1:00) All 3d stuff in the video games scene was also modeled and animated with blender, also some backgrounds and even some dinamic painting to simulate the wet from the rain (10:30, but hard to appreciate in the video) You can see liero’s 3d Pix script in action in the videogames scene (the pacman, 7:20)